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Dispelling Maguire vs. Warlow

All right.  So cloudytm has been doing this already for Javerts and Cosettes, but I thought I'd bring a bit of variety to us mad Enjolras fangirls.  The eternal Michael Maguire vs. Anthony Warlow flamewar has been going on since time immemorial, but surely I can't be the only one who's not overly fond of either performer?  MM rubs me the wrong way (and that TAC performance, yeesh!), and Warlow sounds really bored in the role and shouts random words for no reason whatsoever.  And... well, surely no one can say definitively that either of them is The Best Enjolras Ever when they've only heard three people in the role?!

So, I propose to remedy this. :)  I've raided my way-too-massive recording collection and taken advantage of my ridiculously fast connection to upload a few of my favorite Enjolrati.  (A few, you say?!  Well, okay, maybe I got a bit carried away.)  Consider this a sampler of sorts.

Michel Sardou - Do You Hear the People Sing? (from the French concept album)
Kenji Sakamoto - ABC Cafe/Red and Black (from the Japanese green recording)
Alexander Diepold - ABC Cafe/Red and Black (from the Vienna recording)
Robert Jicha - ABC Cafe/Red and Black (from the Czech complete recording - if nothing else, fast-forward to "they will come when we call")
Martin Berger & company - One Day More (from the Duisburg  recording)
Ruben Roberts - Red and Black (from the Buenos Aires production)
Matt Cammelle - ABC Cafe/Red and Black (from a Stockholm concert performance, in English)
Victor Wallace - ABC Cafe/Red and Black (from the US 3rd national tour, late 2005)
John Owen-Jones - Dawn of Anguish/Final Battle (from the London production, 1997)
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Michel Sardou is ♥.

I'm not sure I do have a favourite Enjolras, actually. I like a lot of these you posted, but none of them make me go 'OMG I LOVE HIM'. I'm not the hugest fan of musical!Enjy, after all. XD
I don't know if I can adequately express how amused I am that the plural of "Enjolras" is "Enjolrati". :-D

I downloaded these! Thanks very much -- I'm off to savor them now.
XD I've seen it pluralized as Enjolrii, Enjolrati, Enjolrases, and just plain Enjolras. The fact that there's such a need for a plural is what amuses me.
That isn't so strange in fandom, though, is it? I've seen it in Silm, at least -- not so much in my other fandoms, but then I'm not so involved with those, or they're not large enough to have many multiples.
Michel Sardou gives me goosebumps! (But then again, les mis in French always gives me Goosebumps...) I just love the little hoarseness in his voice.

I was really surprised by the Japanese one! I haven't enjoyed ABC Cafe/Red and Black that much in a long time. I adore Sakamoto's voice.

Alexander Diepold didn't give me much. I thought he was ok, but nothing more.

And again I was surprised by a foreign language recording. I loved Robert Jicha and I think the song worked very well in czech.

I’ve been a drooling fan of Martin Berger since I got my hands on a Duisburg highlights recording. He’s probably my favourite.

I’ll have to give Ruben Roberts the same comment as Alexander Diepold. It was certainly beautiful, but nothing extraordinary.

I can’t really make up my mind when it comes to Matt Camelle. I think I have to get used to his voice…I’ll have listen to it some more.

Ah, I understand all the fuzz people have been making about Victor Wallace. He’s bloody amazing! But I think his voice sounds much like a “common” Enjolras voice (ehm, I mean, like the Eponines often are nasal…with me?)

JOJ, now that gives me goosebumps! That man has an amazing voice.

I enjoyed all the clips, thank you very much for uploading them!
In the end, I find it hard to pick out a favourite. Of these clips I have to say Sardou and Sakamoto, but overall…I honestly don’t know, but both Martin Berger and Anthony Warlow have a very special place in my heart and my collection of cd’s.
Hmmm. I like Diepold because he sounds very classically trained, which makes a nice difference from all the Enjys with "theater voices." I actually didn't upload the Argentina clip for Ruben Roberts so much as for the feel of the whole thing, which reminded me of the OFC in a good way. And the Victor Wallace one, I admit, was mostly for the benefit of the people who saw him live--his voice alone might not make me fall out of my chair, but in conjunction with happy memories of seeing his Enjolras about ten times, it does my fangirl heart good.

Looking back on it, I wish I'd uploaded Cammelle's Final Battle instead. He goes up to the B flat on "is free!" like JOJ does, except he holds it out foreeeeever. And his voice reminds me of Warlow on the CSR.
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