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Today I've been sitting here with my computer and listening to Les Misérables as usual. While I was updating my lj I noticed that I wasn't a member in any community so I decided to search. And I searched for my number one obsession lately, Les Miserables and I found this group! I was surprised because I've been searching for Enjolras websites many times before and I've never found one so it was surprising to find a lj-group about him.
I've been a les mis fan since I was little, five years or something and Enjolras have always been my favorite, together with Fantine, Eponine and Gavroche.
I have not seen the musical, but I've seen the concert version when it was in Norway. I really want to go to london and se it!
I have only seen Michael Maguire as Enjolras (I own the TAC vhs) and I love his performance (to not mention that he is really handsome). I've heard some of the songs sung by Anthony Warlow and I find it really satisfying.
I would like to play him to, I always day dream about me on the stage, playing him XD
Someday I'm going to buy a nice, red vest such as his... *sigh*

I hope I'll meet many other (obsessed) fans such as myself here :)
Greetings Stormcrow
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