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Looking for Dramatic Enjolraic Females

I've been thinking of making a community for the DEF Society (Dramatic Enjolraic Females), basically consisting of girls who think they should play Enjolras, inspired by my own unsuccessful attempt to take over the role in our local production. But then I decided that, should I make this community, it would probably only consist of a few people from this community, so why bother when this lovely community already exists?

However, I would like to make some sort of banner that people can take, kind of like those color bars that everyone and their pet dog Fido has (myself included). I'd like for it to feature pictures of Dramatic Enjolraic Females, and this is where I need help.

If any femme here has pictures of herself as Enjolras, or just looking really Revolutionary!Frenchboyish, please hook me up. Or, if you just have any suggestions or feedback, I'd love to hear it. For instance, I'm thinking that I'll make the post (which would be on my personal journal) that the banner links to a mini-website for the DEF Society. It would contain pictures or drawings of girls as Enjy, a list of why we should have the right to play Enjolras, DEF Society icons and things like that. Any ideas?

So, what do you think? Is this even a good idea? Should I make a real community or website instead? Merci beacoup!
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