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okay about that last post, i realized i should have told you a bit more..

we had three casts for 6 shows, the 10-12 and the 17-19. we had worked on it for four months and we have some incredible singers but little money and a tiny stage. so our sets were ghetto and there wasnt much room for anything on the stage, but we pulled it off and dropped it like it was friggen hott. most of the people were in high school, i'm one of the few in middle school, turned 14 on the last show. the oldest people were 18, one of the valjeans, one of the javerts, and one of the thenardiers. speaking of that, i played madame thenardier, which somehow i feel is a fat joke. lol. our last show sucked beyond belief. we started messing around cuz no one was taking it seriously. for lovely ladies, we had 3 of the whores dress up and do the sailors parts ("i smell women, smell em in the air..") and the guys who normally play the sailors be whores. it was soo funny, i wish i had pictures. later, when marius is giving the letter to eponine "there is a way that you can help, you are the answer to a prayer, please take this letter to cosette and pray to God that she's still there" he totally forgot his lines and just said "fuck it, take the letter." it was hilarious. and we glued a picture of one of doctor suess's dudes onto the letter for valjean to read, he took one look at it and cracked up.
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