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had you been there tonight you might know how it feels..

hello all. i'm new. ^_^ i'm so excited there's a community devoted to enjolras, my fave character. ^_^ i was just in a production of the school edition of les mis, our last show was december 19. it was so much fun and i'm obsessed with the show now, although i've never seen the musical, just the movie which isn't even close to as good. although i do think uma therman made an amazing fantine. but anyway, i have pics on my LJ of the show and the cast party.. not too many of the show. plus they were pics of the day we did horrible. but check out the cast party pics, and look for a guy with extremely curly hair, the caption under the pic will say it's josh. he's so cute and hott, especially as enjolras. plus he has a great voice.

i can't find the DVD of the musical anywhere, the director of our production has it but i forgot to ask him where he got it. any suggestions?

i'm so glad i'm not the only weirdo who would do enjolras. hell yes.
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